Room Tax Statistics

Door County is recognized on a regular basis by organization and media outlets as a wonderful place to live and visit.  We make the best-of-list for vacation and getaway destinations as well as attractions that include fall colors, fishing, and our small town feel.

As with any consumer product or service, destinations must be marketed in order to obtain awareness and consideration within the mindset of potential visitors.  In order to compete we have to offer more: The vacation traveler needs to know what they can do once they arrive.  Destination Marketing is essential to attracting visitors and protecting Door County’s Tourism Economy. Click here to learn more about Destination Marketing.

We can tell you room tax is doing its job, but the numbers do a better job of reflecting the economics of tourism that are impacted by room tax funding. Below you will find monthly and year end room tax reporting. You should also view the metrics from the Door County Visitor Bureau. Click here to view.

Comparative Occupancy & ADR reports show the availble units, occupancy and average nightly rate (ADR) by municipality.

Comparative Tax Collections show revenues by municipality. This report does not include lates, but it is an good to analyze statistics year over year for comparison.