Good Neighbor Best Practices

As a resource, the Door County Tourism Zone has created a fully modifiable document Good Neighbor Best Practices. It is a starting point to generate ideas of how you can make a difference in maintaining the balance between residents and visitors.

Some municipalities have reported complaints with rentals and our hope is that by starting a conversation with guests during the reservation and/or check in process we can alleviate any potential frustrations with neighbors. The Good Neighbor Best Practices is below for you in a format for editing (make it work for your property) should you choose to put it to use.

Those that requested the development of the Good Neighbor Best Practices have suggested or begun using it in the following ways:
  • Include it in a Welcome Binder
  • Post it in a place that your guests can easily find the information, especially in an emergency.
  • Include it as part of your rental agreement
  • Review as part of check in.
Establishing expectations for your guests is a great way to alleviate potential issues with neighbors!
  • Make it a point to introduce yourself to the neighbors.
  • Tell them that you are licensed and paying taxes on your rental.
  • Offer a way for them to contact you if they see unruly behavior. Its for your own protection and shows that you care about their property rights and quiet enjoyment also.