Welcome to the Door County Tourism Zone Commission

Apply For A Permit

If you are a property owner and are considering renting your property as a lodging facility (or already are) you will need to be permitted for transient rentals.

If you have just recently purchased the property you will be renting, please note that your property cannot be permitted until the purchase has been registered in the Door County Land Record. If you would like to be permitted before the record has transferred, please submit a copy of the signed land deed to [email protected].

Room tax revenues allow Door County to have a presence amongst travelers who have many options when it comes to selecting a vacation destination. That’s why it is up to all of us to communicate tourism’s value in order to elevate room tax recognition, respect and support by contributing to the community. If you know of someone who is interested in renting, encourage them to do their part in supporting Door County’s leading economic driver: Tourism by applying for a permit.

Property owners intending on renting their property are required to permit their property prior to advertising.

Click here to apply for a Door County Tourism Zone permit.