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The Door County Tourism Zone office will be closed from August 13th to August 18th. 


Employment:  The Door County Tourism Zone Commission has the following position available: Administrator

Office Hours: The Door County Tourism Zone office will be open Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 12:00PM for walk-ins and appointments.  

The Door County Tourism Zone  will continue to be available for assistance with normal operating hours: Monday – Friday 8 AM- 2PM via telephone and anytime via email.

If you need assistance, please phone 920-854-6200

Or email: [email protected]


In the news:

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The Door County Tourism Zone Commission website offers the opportunity to review room tax reportingDoor County Visitor Bureau Reporting, file your room tax online, read our current newsletter and learn more about why room tax is essential to the Destination Marketing Program for Door County.  Please review our Room Tax Primer to learn more about how all lodging properties and the Door County  community benefit from room tax.

Interested in renting your property and need more information? You can obtain the permit application to permit your property and utilize our getting started checklist for those who are just getting started with short term rentals.  Our  Guide to Commencing Short Term Rentals in Door County, Frequently Asked Questions and Interim Guide for Marketplace Providers who use a Marketplace Sellers such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc. publications, Good Neighbor Best Practices (modifiable download) have all the need to know information for permit holders.  For additional requirements please click here.

For assitance with reporting room tax you can refer to our Guide to Monthly Room Tax Reporting and How to File Online. The local municipal room tax report form can be found here.

You can also keep up to date with the Administrator's Report to hear about permitting, reporting complaince and current news.  If you can't attend our meetings, all of the Tourism Zone meeting minutes are posted online.  Review Tourism Zone bulletins here.

To contact the Door County Tourism Zone please phone 920-854-6200 or email: [email protected]


TOURISM WORKS FOR US: The history of room tax in Door County

Why and When…In May of 2007 the Door County Tourism Zone Commission was established out of the hard work from a group of concerned citizens.  Studies showed that Door County was losing its market share to other locations in the state; the only way for Door County to remain a sought after destination was to generate money for a broader marketing campaign.  The Door County economy has benefited from those efforts with improved national and regional exposure as a result of the establishment of room tax in Door County.

TOURISM WORKS FOR US: What is room tax and who has to pay it?

For the privilege of occupancy in any lodging facilities, each transient is subject to and pays a tax in the amount of 5.5% of the rent charged by each lodging provider.  Lodging facilities come in many forms and must be permitted for transient rental.  Common examples include: Hotels, motels, B&B’S, cabins, cottages, lodges, homes, condos or rental rooms.  This is not an all-inclusive list.  The Door County Tourism Zone evaluates new forms of lodging for permitting requirements as types of lodging continue to develop and change.

Looking for a brief introduction to room tax in Door County? Watch our explainer video below:


Did you know that filing your room tax is quick and easy? Click the button below to file online.  Not sure how to login? Contact the office and we would be happy to do a training session or provide you everything you need to file your room tax online. 


Have questions or need assistance?

The Door County Tourism Zone Commission office is open daily 8-4. 

Best to call first as the administrator can from time to time be out for meetings, training, vacation, etc. 920-854-6200.




[email protected]