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2013 Is A Good Year

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2013 was a good year for lodging establishments, an improvement county wide of 4.1% over 2012. As a whole the zone the collected $3,644,013 and directed $2,405,048 to our partner, the Door County Visitor’s Bureau, for promotion and marketing of the entire county. Total revenues retained by the municipalities were $1,093,205 and DCTZC operating revenues were $145,760.

In 2013 1,203,063 rooms were available for overnight stays (1,209,559 in 2012). Door County visitors filled 486,977 rooms in 2013 (479,562 in 2012) resulting in 40.48% occupancy (39.65% in 2012) for Door County with an average price of $137 ($134 in 2012).

A point worth mentioning is of the total tax reported, there is less than $1,000 outstanding and of that $300 is in collections and the final $700 is in very early stages of collection as of February 17th, 2014.

953 properties held permits for transient rental in 2013.Moreover, the Commission permitted 97 new properties in 2013 of which 41 (42%) of the newly permitted properties were found through investigative work by the Commission and permitted through compliance channels.

The Commission would like to remind property owners who are renting or thinking of renting that they do need to get a permit and collect and pay the associated room tax. We need property owners to step up and help support tourism in Door County and their local municipalities by fulfilling their legal obligation in filing and paying room tax on lodging revenues.

To learn more about how permit your property you can go to www.doorcountytoursimzone.com or by calling (920) 854-6200.

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