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Amended Return Form                                             

If an error is found in a previous month's room tax report, permit holders must submit an amended room tax return. Amended reports can only be submitted through email or mail.

Change of Information Form

Permit Holders have 14 days from a qualifying event to update permit information. A “qualifying event” would be a change in rental agent or contact person, addition or reduction in the number of units available, or change in the months the business is operating.

City of Sturgeon Bay TRO       

Any short-term renter within the City of Sturgeon Bay needs a permit from both the Door County Tourism Zone Commission and the City of Sturgeon Bay.

Below is the permit, ordinance and FAQ's regarding the City of Sturgeon Bay's TRH ordinance.  If you have further questions regarding the ordinance please contact Chris Sullivan -Robinson, City Planner/Zoning Administrator of the City of Sturgeon Bay 920.746.2907 or email at:                 [email protected]

Deactivation Form

If you are no longer renting your property, would like to report the sale of the business, or the cessation of rental activity, please  click the "Deactivation Form" button below to download or print the form.

* Note: Once the property is deactivated, it must be re-activated proir to advertising should a permit holder decide to resume renting transiently.


Monthly Room Tax Report Form 

Permit holders have the choice of reporting  by mail-in report or filing online.  If you would like to file by mail-in report please be sure that your report is received in office by the due date.  If you would like to file online please contact the office.  We are more than happy to do a training session.  Each permit holder received a username and password with their permit packet via email.

Please click on the "Mail-in Report" button below to print or download the report form.  Please complete a separate report form for each filing month.

Information Request Form

Members of the public are allowed to request public records information from the Tourism Zone. The Information Request form needs to be filled out with detailed information regarding the request.

Permit Application

Be a tourism industry champion!  If you are a property owner and are considering renting your property as a lodging facility (or already are) get permitted for transient rentals and collect and remit room tax. 

If you have just recently purchased the property you will be renting, please note that your property cannot be permitted until the purchase has been registered in the Door County Land Record. If you would like to be permitted before the record has transferred, please submit a copy of the signed land deed with your application.