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Tourism Works For us: How does room tax benefit us all?

Who benefits from Tourism? EVERYONE! Tourism is vital to the local and state economy!

Tourism is the top industry in Door County…it is vital to our local economy. Tourism works for each of us, every day. EVERYONE!

Tourism impacts the community in other ways: Door County employees are employed almost entirely by small businesses in travel and tourism related jobs in Door County that can’t be outsourced or exported.  These employees use their wages to purchase goods and services, including housing, transportation, food, clothing, healthcare and entertainment.  The money invested into our local economy by tourists circulates throughout our economy several times over, providing an ongoing economic impact that would disappear entirely without tourism. 

Tourism impacts every community in Door County and it requires balancing the costs and benefits of tourism against the preservation of our communities and our quality of life.  ROOM TAX is an important part of that balance as it funds tourism promotion which generates tourism and sustains quality of life in Door County.  Destination marketing campaigns create a “halo effect,” lifting not only visitor ship, but driving business development, real estate sales, and the purchase of second homes.