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Permit holders have the option to report by paper form (click here for the monthly report form)or to utilize the online filing system (click here for the online filing portal).

Room tax reporting is required for each month that permit holders indicated as operating months on their permit application.  Even if $0 lodging sales occurred during the report month a report needs to be submitted.  If a report is not submitted the Door County Tourism Zone Commission has no way of knowing if you had no rentals or have forgotten to file.

Please let the office know if you need a current room tax form or would like to learn how to file online! In order to file online, you will need your username and password.  Both were sent in the permit holder packet when your property was permitted.  If you need your username and password, please contact the office at 920-854-6200 or [email protected]  

We are here to help and make room tax reporting easy! Need help filing online? Give the office a call and we will walk you through your filing!