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Tourism Works for Us: Choice of Filing Methods

Permit holders have the choice of reporting  by mail-in report or filing online.  If you would like to file by mail-in report please be sure that your report is received in office by the due date (not postmarked on the due date).  If you would like to file online please contact the office.  We are more than happy to do a training session.  Each permit holder received a username and password with their permit packet.

Please click on the "Mail-in Report" button below to print or download the report form.  Please complete a separate report form for each filing month.


Helpful Hints:

GETTING READY TO REPORT: If you include taxes in the total price that you offer to your lodgers, be sure to take your State Sales Tax and Room Tax off your lodging sales so that you don’t pay tax on tax. Enter your net lodging sales.


DUE DATES: The reports are due in our offices (not postmarked) by the last day of the month following the report month (August 2016 room tax is due in office by September 30th, 2016).  You can report online or by mail. If sending by mail, you may want the Post Master to date stamp your envelope.