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Tourism works for us:  What is the difference between the Door County Tourism Zone and the Destination Door County?

The Door County Tourism Zone collects room tax and distributes it to the municipalities and the Destination Door County "DDC".  The Door County Visitor Bureau is the contracted marketing entity to market Door County to generate visitor-ship and overnight stays.  

What are the responsibilities of the DCTZC and the DDC?

·         The Door County Tourism Zone collects the tax and contracts with a tourism marketing agency. 

·         The DCTZC disburses 66% of the room tax collected to the Destination Door County, the designated marketing agency for Door County. 

o   Destination Door County then distributes 11% of the 66% to CMF.

o   All remaining room tax revenues are used to market Door County to increase interest in visitor ship and generating overnight stays.

o   The Destination Door County develops the annual market plan and budget.

§  The DDC hires and evaluates vendors

§  The DDC executes the marketing plan


·         The Door County Tourism Zone disburses 30% of room tax revenues collected to the municipality in which the tax was collected.

·         The Door County Tourism Zone Commission enforces the ordinance.

·         4% is retained by the DCTZC for operation expenses

o   All Commissioners are volunteers

o   The DCZTC has a full time administrator

o   Collection and enforcement is handled by the DCTZC

o   The DCTZC is audited annually by an outside municipal accounting firm

o   All money collected by the DCTZC from permit holders is handled by an accounting firm