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What are the responsibilities of the DCTZC and the DDC?

         The Door County Tourism Zone collects the tax and contracts with a tourism marketing agency. 

          Beginning in 2022, the Tourism Zone will be distributing 70% of the room tax collected to the Destination Door County, the designated marketing agency for Door County. 

o   Destination Door County then distributes 19% of the 70% to CMF.

o   All remaining room tax revenues are used to market Door County to increase interest in visitor ship and generating overnight stays.

o   The Destination Door County develops the annual market plan and budget.

§  The DDC hires and evaluates vendors

§  The DDC executes the marketing plan


·         The Door County Tourism Zone disburses 30% of room tax revenues collected to the municipality in which the tax was collected.

·         The Door County Tourism Zone Commission enforces the ordinance.

·         Municipalities fund the operation of the Tourism Zone office and are reimbursed for the payment by Destination Door County. This funding is used for:

o   All Commissioners are volunteers

o   The DCZTC has a full time administrator and part-time assistant administrator

o   Collection and enforcement is handled by the DCTZC

o   The DCTZC is audited annually by an outside municipal accounting firm

o   All money collected by the DCTZC from permit holders is handled by an accounting firm